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Why Copper and care for MOIcu+ mask?

trusted through times

An anti microbial used throughout civilization

As early as 2400 B.C. Egyptians have been known to use copper to clean wounds. In 1600 B.C the Chinese used copper coins to treat heart and stomach pain as well as bladder disease. For thousands of years, women have been known to store drinking water in copper vessels because their family didn't get diarrhea as frequently. 

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Reliable and Safe

Approved for use in Hospitals

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) in March 2008 approved the registration of copper
alloys as materials with antimicrobial properties, making
copper as the only metal that can be used in hospitals in order to reduce bio burden and for which public health claims
can be made.

A powerful biocide 

Kills longer and more efficiently

Copper ion has a free ion in it's atomic makeup that makes it attracted to bacteria or virus cells. Once attached, copper ions weaken cell membranes and destroys the cells' DNA and RNA, killing it before it can reproduce.  Unlike other metals, copper has two oxidation states hence it can kill longer, more efficiently and more actively.  

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Copper Infused Mask 

More effectively built for
everyday use


About Copper

About MOIcu+ mask

Copper's self sterilizing properties allows you to reduce by reusing

Kind to the environment

Kind to your pockets

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