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Small Change, Huge Impact

About Us

Moicu was established out of love for our family and the community. Having witness the devastations caused by bacterial infections in our families, we started our business to provide simple solutions to everyday life that could lead to huge impactful difference.

One antimicrobial technology we had discovered was to infuse metal ions into everyday fabrics. Metals like silver and copper have been used for centuries as anti microbial agents.  As we were struck by the Covid-19 situation, we decided to employ this technology to produce copper ion-infused antimicrobial face mask to meet the community's immediate needs first.

After successfully selling out our face mask we are currently launching our range of antibacterial towels.  

Our Mission

Moicu is where we make simple changes for a huge impact. We want to create magic to your daily activities.

We were featured in Shin Min Daily (新明日报) on 27 June 2020 for our copper-ion masks. 

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Introducing fresh+dry Towel

Antimicrobial Antibacterial self cleaning towel

Fresh Smelling - Antibacterial Anti- Fungal

Treated with RUCO®-BAC AGP - fast-acting, ALL-IN-ONE, non-migrating, non-leaching bactericide and fungicide. RUCO®-BAC AGP applies silver ions on fabrics and is proven to kill and inhibit growth of harmful bacteria e.g. E.coli by 99.6%, Staphylococcus Aureus by 99.9% and Candida Albicans by 99.8%. The application is effective even after 50 washes.  It is effectively a self-cleaning towel with no musky smells caused by bacteria.

our anti-microbial technology

Proprietary micro-structured titanium dioxide is the carrier of the active component silver ions. These micro-structures are deposited into the interspaces of the cotton fibre by means of a physical bonding. The micro-structure enables an anchorage with durable effects to washing and dry-cleaning.

How are bacteria killed?

Proprietary micro-structures deliver Silver (Ag+) ions that inactivate bacteria via 3 inhibiting mechanisms:

  • Blocking of oxygen-transporting enzymes
  • Inactivating Sulphur-containing proteins by crushing disulfide bonds
  • Locking cell membrane of bacteria and virus causing the rupture of the microorganism surface protein in the membrane 

Antimicrobial Antibacterial self cleaning towel

Ideal for babies &  toddlers

Our towels are ideal for every one, especially babies & toddlers (0-36 months). They meet Standard-100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class I (strictest criteria for sensitive baby skin).

What is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®?

STANDARD 100 is a worldwide, consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. Babies require special protection. Accordingly, in OEKO-TEX® product class I, all baby articles are held to the strictest criteria, in line with sensitive baby skin. Finishes containing formaldehyde are excluded here. The requirement for saliva-resistance means that colours and prints should not bleed or stain when babies suck on them.

Antimicrobial Antibacterial self cleaning towel

Unique Japanese Twist

Long staple cotton yarn is combined with water soluble yarn using patented Japanese technology. After dissolving the soluble fibre after your first wash, every cotton yarn has air pockets to make it plushy yet lightweight. Our towels dry you in an instant and the air pockets help dry the towels faster. It can hold 7x its weight in water. Towel yarn is close to zero twisted which means towels are softer and plushier yet has less towel lint. Ideal even for delicate, dry and sensitive baby skin.

What is zero-twisted yarn?

Zero twist yarns are a special kind of yarn woven with no twist in its fibres. Yarns are twisted because this gives fabrics extra strength and heavily-twisted yarns are particularly strong yet rough. In comparison, zero twist weave products are the plushest, softest types of products you can buy. Highly absorbent yet it retains its softness after washing.

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