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Small change,
huge impact

About us

MOIcu+ was born out of our love for our family and the community.

Our quest for a solution to prevent bacterial and virus infections started when one of our co-founders, Z, witnessed the potential devastation caused by such infections. Z's father was hospitalised due to a very bad case of bacterial infection. After the first hospitalisation, Z's father was subsequently admitted thrice more due to infections caused by the MRSA superbug and cellulitis, both of which are commonly acquired in the hospital environment. These infections were so bad that Z's father nearly had to amputate his left foot.

When V, another co-founder who is a sports fanatic, shared about her problems with fungal infections on her feet that resulted from her long hours in covered shoes, the duo and the team decided to do something about infection prevention.

Realising that bacterial infections can have disastrous and even fatal consequences, we started to focus on finding solutions to prevent infections. We believe that the prevention of infections can begin when we make simple changes to our daily activities - these little efforts could go a long way in eradicating the bacteria and viruses that might otherwise wreak havoc on our lives.

After much research, we finally found a technology - infusing metal ions into fabrics – that can help to kill bacteria and viruses. Just as we were planning to use metal ion-infused fabric in daily and sports-related items, Covid-19 hit the world suddenly. We diverted our resources to produce copper ion-infused masks. Our story was featured on Singapore Newspaper 新明日报 on 27 June 2020 (see below, an extract from Singapore ShinMin Daily)

Small change, huge impact

Our copper-ion infused masks are SOLD OUT. Thank you for your support.

We will continue to produce high quality antimicrobial products that allow us, our friends and families, and you to be safer, healthier and happier.

With lots of love, 

Z+V and MOIcu+ team

Our mission

Moicu is where we make simple changes for a huge impact. We want to make magic to your daily activities.

Our promise

We make products with the philosophy that "once you've tried it, you won't settle for less".