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Copper-infused reusable mask for children - give your children comfortable masks for all day protection

A German city proved wearing face mask is the most effective measure during the Covid-19 epidemic. Jena, a city at east-central Germany, is the first German city that ordered everyone to wear a mask in all public settings. It called on people to make their own masks if a professional one was not available. 

Research proved that wearing masks works during Coronavirus period

A research that is published in IZA Institute of Labor Economics on June 2020 titled "Face Masks Considerably Reduce Covid-19 Cases in Germany: A Synthetic Control Method Approach" proved that face masks reduce the daily growth rate of reported infections by around 40%. This study made a comparison between Jena City which ordered it's population of 110,000 people to wear a mask versus a synthetic control city. The study showed that Jena early call to wear masks paid off. 

The authors concluded:

We believe that the reduction in the growth rates of infections by 40% to 60% is our best estimate of the effects of face masks....

We should also stress that 40 to 60% might still be a lower bound. The daily growth rates in the number of infections when face masks were introduced was around 2 to 3%. These are very low growth rates compared to the early days of the epidemic in Germany, where daily growth rates also lay above 50%. One might therefore conjecture that the effects might have been even greater if masks had been introduced earlier.

Wearing a mask is uncomfortable in hot, humid Singapore weather

Many parents complained that their children cannot bear wearing masks for an extended period during school especially in Singapore hot humid weather. It is not surprising for most to sweat profusely the moment when out of an air-conditioned room. 

When MOIcu+ team designed the copper-infused reusable masks, we took our Singapore hot weather into consideration. Thus, the fabric use is a cool-yarn fabric that is especially cooling on our skin. You won't be surprise to find our customers love the "soft, smooth, cooling, silky" feel of the mask fabric on their face. 

Copper-infused reusable mask for children

Many customers asked if our masks are suitable for children. We have many parents who bought MOIcu+ copper-infused reusable masks for their children. They feedback that our masks fit wonderfully on children as young as 6 years old. 

Here's an instagram of a parent who posted her 6 year old child (primary one) with our MOIcu+ reusable mask. 



Don't forget to adjust the length of the earloop for your child with this simple trick on adjustable knot

Coronavirus could live up to four hours on copper

As parents, we want to provide our children with efficient protection from any virus, not only Coronavirus. Let's not forget there are many other types of bacteria and virus (e.g influenza) that wreak havoc in our daily life. 

Copper antimicrobial properties are well-known. We have included in this "about copper" page why copper has been used widely in olden times and in medical areas for it's much superior antimicrobial properties. 

Recent research has also shown that Coronavirus could live up to four hours on copper, with half life around one hour. 

Strikingly, The Lancet Microbe study revealed how long the COVID-19 virus lasts on various common surfaces. The authors found that the virus lasted longest — seven days — on the outer layer of surgical masks.

We cannot ensure that our children or even ourselves won't touch the exterior of our mask. That's why we developed a copper-infused reusable mask that's self-sanitising. 


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