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Does your newborns or babies have rash on skin? Consider an antibacterial towel for them

tips for healthy baby skin needs clean towel

Common rash on baby like baby diaper rash, heat rash or baby mouth rash

Newborns have delicate and sensitive skin. In fact, many newborns are prone to skin irritations like rashes, dry itchy skin, cradle cap, eczema, dry patches, diaper rash etc in their first few months.   The skin has many important jobs, one is to keep out germs and other harmful substances. When babies suffer from skin allergies like eczema, it makes the skin less effective at doing this job, so it’s easier for bacteria, viruses, and other germs to enter the body.  

Some parents might have overlooked the fact that the towels they use on their babies can be a source of bacteria transfer to their delicate and in some cases raw exposed skin. 

Dry baby skin may crack, allowing bacteria to enter

On top of maintaining good newborn skin care routine and good general hygiene, clean towels are also critical to prevent your child from possible bacterial infection. Towels are good breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms to grow because they are often damp, warm and found in dark places like in a bathroom. Research found that nearly 90% of bathroom towels are contaminated with coliform bacteria, a broad class of bacteria found in human feces. Other research indicated that 14% of bathroom towels contain E.coli. 

Perhaps you might ask, "I've been using my towels for as long as I can remember and why didn't I have any bacteria infection?" There are bacteria on everyone’s skin which generally will not affect us. However, when you are rubbing down with a dirty towel, you could be at risk for infection. This happens when there are tiny breaks in your skin, which might be too small to notice, thus bacteria may enter your broken skin and cause an infection. 

If your newborn or child has dry skin or eczema, a seemingly routine contact with a dirty towel might lead to detrimental effects.  For example, dry skin may crack allowing bacteria to enter and cause infections. Some bacteria like Staphylococcus aureus, E.coli and MRSA can lead to serious infection. Newborns are more vulnerable to infections as their immunity are still low. 

Laundry tips to keep baby's skin healthy

Avoiding skin rashes will keep your baby smiling and happy. Use gentle detergent to wash everything that touches your infant's skin. You will cut down on the likelihood of itchy skin or skin irritation. 

Consider an antimicrobial bath towel for your baby

It is an established fact that towels are not as clean as you would hope. An article from Time magazine quoted Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona remarked that "after about two days, if you dry your face on a hand towel, you’re probably getting more E. coli on your face than if you stuck your head in a toilet and flushed it."

Perhaps it is because many people don't wash their hands thoroughly. By rubbing their uncleaned hands on a towel, they are rubbing bacteria into a place it is most likely to grow. 

Parents invest a lot of money on newborn skincare products and clothing. Some must spend extra on dermatological medications. If there is an onset of skin infection, a suffering, crying and upset baby is most heart wrenching for parents. Just making a small change to an antibacterial towel that can prevent bacteria transmission from towel to baby skin is worth the extra cost. No amount of money is too much to have a happy and healthy newborn/toddler.

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