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An anti-bacterial towel could save your acne prone skin

Many of you diligently wash your face, towel off and swipe on expensive skin care products, then go off to bed with high hopes for a clear and radiant skin in the morning.  This skin care routine is well and good but if the problem of pimples and acne persist, could a dirty towel be holding you back from having radiant and clear skin?   

Open pores on your face allows bacteria to enter 

Acne and pimples can sprout out for a number of reasons like hormones and stress which stimulates the sebaceous glands to make more sebum.  When pores become clogged with too much sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria, it causes swelling and redness - the start of acne.  Conditions can worsen if clogged pores go deep into skin leading to bacteria infected lumps or cysts that are bigger than pimples which can be painful.   

Could a dirty towel ruin your skin care efforts? 

Recent studies from the University of Arizona discovered that towels are the most bacteria-infested items in our homes.  When you rub your towel on your body, you leave a microbial fingerprint.  A damp towel filled with dead skin cells is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and fungus to survive and multiply.  As you rub your towel on your face, bacteria and fungus can transfer from your towel to your face and collect in your pores.  So despite your best intentions of sticking to a good skin care regime, you could be undoing your efforts with a pat of your dirty towel.   

Choose a soft plush anti-bacterial towel to go with your skin care regime  

People with extremely dry or sensitive skin, those who are acne prone and those with skin conditions like eczema are more at risk of dirty towel causing breakouts since they have weak skin barriers.   If towels are rough, it could cause more skin irritation and worsen inflammatory skin.  A soft plush towel would help to reduce skin irritation.   

Do not compromise the benefits of your skin care products and facial regime by using a dirty and rough towel.  Your answer to a clear and radiant skin could be in an anti-bacterial, soft and plush towel.   

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