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Best baby towel for your next baby shower gift for Singapore mothers

Your best friend has just given birth to a baby girl. You are thinking what to buy for her baby shower. Why not consider an antibacterial towel? 

Babies have very new skin. Their skin is sensitive and easily affected by heat, cold, bacteria, drool or prolonged contact with a wet nappy. Rashes can develop on their skin near their face or neck but fortunately most baby skin rashes are very treatable and can clear up on their own.

One common rash found on baby is baby diaper rash

As new parents, it can be worrisome to see red rashes on a newborn face, neck or body. One of more common rashes is nappy rash (also known as diaper dermatitis). Nappy rash is a red, scaly rash over the areas of the skin that are covered by diapers.

To prevent or heal nappy rash, one of the recommendations from many pediatricians is to wash baby’s skin with water and then dry by patting with a towel. However, one finer detail might be over-looked here – what if you had used a dirty towel to pat dry your baby’s skin?

Dirty bath towel carries bacteria. Do not use it on your baby’s skin. 

A new study has found an extremely high percentage of bathroom towels carry harmful disease-causing bacteria. According to TIME magazine, Dr Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, discovered nearly 90 per cent of bathroom towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria, while 14% of bathroom towels carries E. coli.

As mother ourselves, we find it important that the towel used on our sensitive baby skin must be the cleanest towel for optimum baby skin care. This is to reduce the likelihood of baby developing irritated skin or rashes on skin. 


The antimicrobial technology behind Fresh+Dry antibacterial towel

More than 99% effectiveness against bacteria and fungal even after 50 washes

Our Fresh+Dry antibacterial towel is treated with RUCO®-BAC AGP - fast-acting, ALL-IN-ONE, non-migrating, non-leaching bactericide and fungicide. RUCO®-BAC AGP applies silver ions on fabrics and is proven to kill and inhibit growth of harmful bacteria e.g. E.coli by 99.6%, Staphylococcus Aureus by 99.9% and Candida Albicans by 99.8%. The application is effective even after 50 washes. It is effectively a self-cleaning towel with no musky smell caused by bacteria. 


Softest ever towel with patented Japanese twist technology

On top of being antimicrobial, Fresh+Dry towels also apply a patented Japanese technology, which combines water-soluble yarn with long staple cotton. The water-soluble yarn dissolves upon washing and creates air pockets giving the towels their signature quick drying and plushy feel. Fresh+Dry towels utilize the “Zero Twist” weaving method, which retains the towels’ soft feel despite repeated washes. Many inferior types of yarn are rough because they must be spun multiple times to allow the material to be strong enough to be used. Fresh+Dry Towels are made with high quality long staple yarn that are naturally soft, absorbent and are also naturally strong.


No harmful raw material. Most ideal for babies and newborns

Fresh+Dry towels meet the Standard-100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class I. STANDARD-100 is a worldwide, consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used. Under product class I, all baby articles are held to the strictest criteria to meet requirements for sensitive baby skin. Finishes containing formaldehyde are excluded here. The requirement for saliva-resistance means that colours and prints will not bleed or stain when babies suck on the towels.

Buy an antibacterial towel as a baby shower gift

Don't risk it. Your next bath towel should be protected by Silver ions

Next time when you are considering a baby shower gift, consider Fresh+Dry Antibacterial towel. While parents get excited when buying newborn baby clothes, baby cot or baby toys, buying a self-cleaning baby friendly towel is equally important. An often-overlooked fact - washing towels with regular detergent may not be enough as bacteria can survive the wrath of the detergent. You should not be patting your baby’s skin with a dirty towel.

Replacing your normal towel with an antibacterial one is a small affordable change with huge impact to one’s quality of life and assurance for families’ wellbeing.



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