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Protected by Silver ions
The cleanest towel

Grows fluffier and softer after every wash with our unique weaving technology

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Antimicrobial, Anti-odour,
Anti-fungal Towel

The best part of your day just got better

Protected by Silver ions that
inactivate bacteria

No more dirty, smelly towel

Proven to kill and inhibit growth of harmful bacteria e.g. E.coli by 99.6%, Staphylococcus Aureus by 99.9% and Candida Albicans by 99.8% even after 50 washes.

Clear skin, say no to acne & pimple

Reduce acne and pimple caused by bacteria. Don't ruin your skincare routine with a dirty towel. Limit bacteria growth, keep your skin clean.

Unique Japanese twist technology

Our towels are spun with a unique Japanese twist - close to zero twist yarn. That's why they "grow" plushier as you wash. Less towel lint, great for those with sensitive nose.

Ideal for babies and toddlers

Ideal for every one, especially babies & toddlers (0-36 months). Meets Standard-100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class I (strictest criteria for sensitive baby skin).

Superb moisture absorbency

Every cotton yarn has air pockets to make it plushy yet lightweight. It dries you in an instant and the air pockets help dry the towels faster. It can hold 7x its weight in water.

durable, long-term protection

Cotton fibre is protected by Silver ions that inactivate bacteria. Being non-leaching, the microbial protection is extremely durable, keeping fibres safe and fresh longer.

Meets Standard-100 by OEKO-TEX®, product class I (strictest criteria for sensitive baby skin).

Only fresh smelling towels

Treated with RUCO®-BAC AGP - fast-acting, ALL-IN-ONE, non-migrating, non-leaching bacteriocide and fungicide.  The antimicrobial effect remains effective at >99% even after 50 washes.

No more musky smelling towel caused by bacteria.

Fresh+Dry towel

The cleanest towel protected by Silver ions
Dries you in an instant

Unique Japanese twist technology

Regular towel hardens and thins overtime.  Our towel develops air gaps between threads and grows fluffier and softer with each wash.

Responsibly Made

Meets Standard-100 by OEKO-TEX® product class I
(strictest criteria for sensitive baby skin)

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